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Our Story


I started this company out of a need to live an all natural lifestyle. I was diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids in 2008. I started seeking out natural healing and discovered Dr. Eshe "Herb lady" Rivears and her Fibroid Free Tea. She invited me to take her Herbal Soap making class which was held in the woods on her property. The rest is herstory. I became a Certified Soap Maker in June of 2009. In 2010, a friend had lots of Goat's Milk in her freezer and suggested I start using Goat's Milk in my soaps. Goat's Milk is healing for the inside of the body and is just as healing for the skin. 

I believe in maintaining loyalty and integrity to the local and small business owner. I also believe the same principles be upheld for Mother Earth. 

I use raw Goat's Milk from Decimal Place Farms, a local farm outside of Atlanta. My essential oils come from Nature's Own Herb Shop in Hapeville,Ga. I use Raw Ivory Shea Butter imported from Ghana to RA Cosmetics in the Historic West End, Atlanta. Ace Hardware provides the sodium hydroxide and the all natural rope. 

I decided to add ropes to my soaps because the ingredients are so precious. If someone leaves the soap in water and it melts,they will have wasted their money. That's no bueno!

Since starting the company, we have been featured in Uptown Magazine(2015), won Creative Loafing's "Best Of Atlanta" Critic's Choice Award, "Best Way to Luxuriate"(2016).