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Why Goat's Milk soap?


As far as the skin on your body, goat’s milk is a must for your daily shower. With its healing benefits, not only will you notice healthier skin, but one more little glorious thing will happen — you will begin to notice a need for less moisturizer. (source:green beauty team)

"I spent $100's of dollars on treatments for my son's eczema condition! 
Please follow Divine Clementine's Soap on A Rope and get some of her AMAZING soap!!! A wonderful product that has helped my children's skin tremendously! Mason's doctor was so impressed she asked me what was I using. Thank you girl!" -Tonetta Green


"I am writing this testimony as I am completing my Divine Clementine's Soap on a Rope use as an evaluation for treatment to my skin post radiation. This has been a great soap to use that is non drying,non irritating, no drying properties, no alcohol, no deodorants and no fragrances to irritate the skin. Those characteristics are essential to healing an area that has been treated by radiation and therefore is very subsceptable to further irritation, by things that have alcohol in them. I would highly recommend this soap to anyone who has areas of dermatitis, eczema, radiation treated skin, or just plain old sensitive skin. The two soaps that I have used from Divine Clementine's Soap on a Rope has been one with lavender and goat's milk and the other with goats milk and aloe. I highly recommend these two soaps from a health care practitioner prospective, as well as a client customer and fan of this product." -R.Rice

"Madam CJ's soap is the bomb. I had sun spots from last summer while painting my van that disappeared after using her soap. Kudos. Get some! Thx sugar!"-Fabian Williams


 All Natural &

Non Toxic Skincare

Special everyday,because you are divine. 

All of the ingredients and materials used in making and packaging Divine Clementine's Soap on A Rope are earth friendly,sustainable and come from local and small businesses. We are a global, small batch, handcrafted soap company.

Small batch for us is 30 soaps per batch.